Heather Horwitz was born in San Francisco, California. Her family later settled in Miami, Florida. She attributes her style and artistic upbringing to living in Miami. Growing up in the arts is an understatement. Heather’s grandparents ran the Gusman Cultural Center in Downtown Miami. She was behind the scenes for every concert, play, and ballet. With deep roots in the arts she was destined to follow this path. Heather received degrees in Art Illustration and Textile Design from Robert Morgan Vocational Technical Institute. She graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts from Miami Dade College.

With an affinity for making things beautiful it was easy to see she would thrive in design. Moving to Vero Beach opened the door. Working for a large Interior Design firm, Heather quickly proved her talent as an Interior Designer. After ten years with the firm she opened her own Design company, Heather Horwitz Design.